“What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

This phrase launched one of the most popular horror franchises of all time. In the 1990s horror films had become an afterthought, almost stagnant. Then, in December 1996, Wes Craven and company thrust “Scream” upon filmgoers everywhere. Wes had already had several hit horror films in the past, most notably with “A Nightmare on Elm Street ” and its razor-fingered fiend Freddy Krueger. His artistic direction and the writing of Kevin Williamson, combined with an incredible cast of actors and actresses revitalized horror in a way that no one expected.

With the new “Scream” film set to hit theaters on January 14th, 2022, we thought what better way to commemorate it than to have a guest from the original film on the show! Joining us on January 18th at 9 PM EST is a very special guest, the incredibly beautiful and talented actress Nancy Anne Ridder, who portrayed the “girl in the bathroom” that riffed on Sidney Prescott and her mother’s indiscretions, and put a hostile cheerleader in her place. Nancy, or NAR as she wants her fans and friends to call her, will be discussing her versatile acting career, and so much more. This is an episode not to be missed! NAR is a good friend of Blake’s and let’s not forget that “the girl in the bathroom” was Blake’s first film crush. This is going to be interesting!

You can listen to it live or on demand here: https://app.talkshoe.com/episode/18495690

Photo Courtesy of Nancy Anne Ridder

Author: Drunken Horror Adventures

We get drunk and talk horror!

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